Sunday, December 14, 2014

What an Honor!!!

I live in a really great place.  In the beginning I didn't think so, but I have come to love the place that I have called home for almost 22 years.  The place where I had 6 children.  The place where they were born, went to school, played many sports, participated in 4-H and grew (2 so far into adults). The place where I have learned and grown myself.  The place where I found my passion in quilting.  I have met and associated with many great people here.  Many opportunities have come to me here that I may have not found anywhere else.  This place that I call home has a piece of my heart.

Towards the end of July I received a phone call from a member of the Heber City 125th anniversary planning committee.  She told me about a big celebration they were planning to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of this fine town.  She explained that they wanted a quilt for the occasion.  One that would show some of the history and character of the city.  They wanted to commission someone to do that.  They asked me.  What an honor. 

I thought about this quilt a lot.  I was trying to decide how I wanted this quilt to be.  I wanted it to be amazing.   One of the kickers of this arrangement was that time was limited.   The Celebration was set for September 13 and it was already a week into August when I got final word on what specifically wanted for the quilt.  Once I got all of the information I could really start planning and working.  Time was my main issue.  It was at the end of the summer.  I was trying to get my kids ready for school (one of which was starting her Freshman year of college at the University 2 hours away.)  So the day that school started I really started in earnest to make this quilt.  I had three weeks to pull this off.  I was working two other part time jobs, taking care of my family and trying to fit in the quilt making.

Well, it was three crazy weeks.  I ate, drank and slept quilting.  I pulled many late nights and even an all nighter  to get it done it time.  I did it and I am pleased with the results.  

It was first hung in the Tabernacle and then they decided that for the day the visitors would see it better outside.  It was a great celebration.  I love this little town of mine!